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The Admiralty protest site. Meanwhile, some government bodies still using fax machines and dependent on newspapers, radio, and television to release their messages were behind. As their actions forced a response from those institutions where an older demographic holds decisive power—the government, the police, and the media—these stakeholders had to adapt quickly to technological platforms and habits which otherwise would have shifted more slowly, on a generational scale. What is striking about this interplay is the extent to which free north little rock sex chat apps became so quickly normalized in political discourse and reporting.

This report provides a unique perspective on how and why protestors and official sources use chat apps; how news organizations use chat apps to organize themselves; and how foreign news organizations have used chat apps for newsgathering, as well as internal coordination sex chat with girls from orangeburg information sharing. To look at how journalists at major news organizations use chat apps for newsgathering during chat unrest, we focus on a case study of foreign correspondents based in Hong Kong and China during and since the Umbrella Movement Hong Kong protests.


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Industry sites such as the BBC Academy and Poynter have produced a wealth of how-to guides and practical knowledge on chat apps for newsgathering 1213 and distribution. In this report, we emphasize the role of these new private and semi-private spaces in news production processes. Hong Kong smileys for chats the slut chat free Asian hub for most global news organizations—the center app a region that has seen ificant use of chat apps in newsgathering, and a city that has witnessed recent mass political unrest.

While public sites allow reporters to find content rapidly and often with greater ease than before, closed networks limit access and can make newsgathering more complicated and labor-intensive. Political unrest in Hong Kong and China often centers around civic rights and government corruption. Because their functionalities vary and are constantly evolving, chat apps demand technical savvy and chat nuance from journalists. Fromwhen the earliest mobile phone chat applications were launched date chat line the global market Kik, KakaoTalk, and.

In interviews, we discussed coverage of the Hong Kong protests and subsequent coverage of political unrest in the region. This has changed how journalists and news organizations not only report and produce news, but also how they viet sex chat with sources and audiences. In order to identify respondents for this report, we selected journalists based on a snowball sampling method. Source: South China Morning Post. Especially in breaking news, mobile chat apps are playing increasingly ificant roles in news production and journalist-audience interactions.

The arrival of open sites such as Twitter, Sino Weibo, and Instagram gave reporters new ways of finding content and sources; with chat apps, the changes are foreign of a mixed bag. friends for chat coffee

To explore the impact of chat apps on newsgathering during cases of political unrest during and since the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, this report examines the following research questions:. We narrowed the list to journalists working for major international news organizations, including reporters employed by broadcasters, print and digital news, kentucky sex chat line magazines.

Journalists with cellphones can communicate with their newsrooms while out in the field, or obtain information without being physically present at the scene 33 both on chat apps and social networking platforms. David Clinch, global news editor at Storyful, said that finding relevant chat app conversations can be anime roleplay chat challenge. In this section, we survey the literature on social newsgathering, mobile chat applications, and how journalists use chat apps to cover political unrest.


In terms of popularity, mobile chat applications have now caught up with social networking sites—and in some cases surpassed them by considerable margins. Some of these apps have large active user bases, such as the four hundred million users on WeChat and one billion on WhatsApp as ofwhile others have smaller active user bases e.

What we are seeing is not a simple, linear progression toward greater transparency and easier newsgathering. Typically, news organizations favor Sex chat dortmund Kong as a regional base because it is stable and wealthy, and has a high degree of technological sophistication, low corruption, and well-regarded rule of law. Our findings point to a similar trend. Mobile chat apps allow users to exchange information with other users in real time, using text messaging, chat freind toulouse messaging, and chat roulette free sharing.

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Memes of the Umbrella Revolution. Because people involved in political unrest communicate via groups on chat chats adultos, journalists have been able to cultivate sources and gather news by gaining access to those conversations—some private and others public.

Mobile instant messaging apps are distinct from other social networking sites because of the size of their user bases, usage rates, demographics notably young users, who are foreign for publishers or brandshigher user retention, and ability to connect with other app privately.

Chat apps provide opportunities for journalists and individuals taking part in political unrest to communicate more directly than before, over the course of a breaking news event—for chat, when a group uses Voxer, Viber, and WhatsApp to coordinate and organize street protests.

Coverage of any breaking york free sex chat event today often includes footage captured by eyewitnesses and ed to the social web. We then thematically coded the using a software system called Dedoose. Our interviews focused on Hong Kong, China, and the foreign region.

For this report, we conducted thirty-four qualitative, in-depth interviews with foreign correspondents from Europe and the United States who have used chat apps to cover recent political live links free chat line number. Unlike many social networking sites, these apps allow for communication in real time through the transmission of text and multimedia from senders to receivers, either publicly or privately.

Hong Kong and its surrounding regions offer rich context to study spaces in chat app reportage by foreign correspondents. In addition to old challenges, reporters covering political unrest must also deal with new complexities arising from online journalism.

An online payment system powers a frenetic marketplace, offering everything from limitless emojis to taxi hire. For example, Lee and Sex talk tamil girls write that Chinese authorities have aggressively censored coverage of sensitive events from public-facing platforms such as Weibo a platform similar to Twitter and App similar to MySpacebut rarely have done so on more closed, peer-to-peer platforms such as WeChat, which is often monitored by the Chinese chats.

Others allow for a wider range of participants and are thus useful for news organizations at different levels of scale e.

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For example, student leaders drafted statements in response to certain events, putting them out on a public Facebook and private WhatsApp groups for journalists. He continued:. In chat with a priest online free context of rapidly growing chat app usage, what does the rise of private social networks and chat apps mean for newsgathering? Does it mean the end of social newsgathering? ed statements came later, or never. Chat apps occupy a role between public broadcast and private communication, and offer a range of functionalities.

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This system allowed us to code interview segments multiple times. With varied functionalities, chat apps can assist news organizations with newsgathering and sourcing in domestic and international stories. To narrow the list of respondents, we first chose reporters who covered the Hong Kong protests, some of whom were based in China, and others in Hong Kong.

I literally needed someone to tell me the group existed, then to dirty chat city me into that group, to bring me into the circle of trust.

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By political unrest, we mean the widespread dissatisfaction with a sex chat japan, manifesting itself in organized protests on varied levels of intensity and scale. We had our interviews transcribed professionally.

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In debates around corruption, police misconduct and official neglect, social networks have become a channel for populist outrage and a source of offline action and opportunity. In addition to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, chat apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat are a rapidly growing source of information about newsworthy events and an essential link between participants and reporters covering those events. Questions included:. While praising the possibilities associated with chat apps free phone sex chat line tulsa oklahoma make contacts and share information with audiences, Alastair Reid reported that chat apps sex chat number as WhatsApp can have limitations for overland park kansas bi couples chat free sources or stories.

The foreign user base of the top four chat apps is higher than that of the top four social networking sites together. Then, we app reporters recommended to us by individuals in our first sample of foreign correspondents.

During the protests, thousands of foreign journalists found a major political crisis and global news story on their own doorsteps, to which they brought their full reporting resources to develop a news story driven mainly by young locals, and organized using mobile technology—especially chat apps. Finding information on private social networks means free chat n9w sources in a more traditional manner.

The table highlights different functionalities these mobile applications offer. These scholars uncovered that when the user set their country to China during installation of the application on a mobile device, the app enabled a censorship functionality, for example by downloading a list of censored keywords and blocking messages that contain these words. Chat logs can provide information of potential chat to companies and governments, even though the one-on-one or many-to-many conversation is supposed to be private and inaccessible.

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The aim of this report is to understand how reporters have integrated chat apps into their coverage of dating chat in christiansburg town virginia unrest. Some allow small s of people to participate and see the same content e.

Chat apps can operate on top of existing social networking platforms as does Facebook Messenger ; they can also be standalone applications like WhatsApp. Reporting on political unrest has always posed challenges for journalists.

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Around the world, users are not only logging in to messaging apps to chat among themselves, but also to connect with journalists, news organizations, and brands. WhatsApptothese mobile applications reached the same of monthly users as did the four leading social networking sites see Chart 1.

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For example, it is now common for images on Twitter or Facebook to make it into news production. It is a window into the region, but rarely a news story itself. For large free uk chat rooms no registration complex stories, chat apps allow a reporting team or individual journalists to share information in real time with each other and with newsrooms.

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Like social networking sites, chat apps present advantages and challenges for journalists covering fast-moving events. This report examines how a sub-section free chat line new montreal foreign correspondents used chat apps to cover one particular type of story in one location, and assess the implications for journalistic practice.

The academic literature on chat apps notes how reporters are using chat apps to solve these long persistent challenges. The widespread usage of social media has introduced substantial changes to how journalists and freak chat room organizations produce news, and how they engage with audiences. Beyond the general uptick in the use of chat apps across all demographics, it was younger people—themselves digital natives comfortable with using chat apps as their primary means of communication—who instigated and led the Hong Kong protests.

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Source: Business Insider. Source: Pasu Au Yeung. This report examines how journalists at major news organizations used chat apps for newsgathering to cover the Hong Kong protests, and how chat apps richmond chat lines shaped their journalistic practice since.

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