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If you used to frequent chat roulette, then this movie is for you. Also at times, her cellphone camera. The film follows her attempting to get help from the police while being stalked by the killers from the video chat.


Ed Gonzalez Mar 8, Chat bored rooms film is dizzyingly creepy in its refracting of horrors through the cascading windows of computer programs we've come to understand more intimately than our own selves. It's intense, suspenseful, scary, gory, everything you could want from a horror flick.

The Den takes a lot of modern references such as social media quirks and web cam gimmicks to produce a unique kind of found footage film. For most part she seems identifiable, and the film is at its strongest at first act. I for one middlesbrough sex chat room this director keeps up with his career bc as I said I love this movie and it is def going in the books for direction as well as chat rooms private scares and overall atmosphere.

Problem starts to show at latter half as the threat is looking very omnipotent. It also doesn't make sense why there are conveniently placed cameras, especially in first person view.

The effect is insular, off-putting and disconcertingly familiar. I for one don't scare easy at all and the jump scares were the best I have seen in a while and even knowing they were coming and it still got me was Impressive. Genre s : ThrillerHorror. I would recommend this movie to any and all that love horror and appreciate what this film does in the time span free live chat roulette is allotted. I would also note that canadian chat rooms movie does raise one or two questions but nothing that would kill the movie buzz once the credits start rolling.

Unfortunately, the conclusion isn't as strong as the set-up and some of the plots developments are too far fetch.

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But that does not translate into an entirely enjoyable viewing experience. The Den resembles internet sensation it's based on, interesting at first but stumble with glitches afterward.

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The Den. Summary: After receiving a grant for her graduate thesis, Elizabeth Benton Melanie Papalia logs onto a video-chat site known as the Den, on a mission to explore the habits of its users. Best of Netflix. Elizabeth Melanie Papalia is a student who investigates the behavior of web cam users in a website strangermeetup chat The Den. It's a random streaming chat site, and just like the actual thing it has a lot of dubious people.

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It's almost ludicrous how it can get to Elizabeth with near supernatural tech wizardly and seemingly unworldly power. Rating: R. Runtime: 81 min. User Score. While the police dismiss it as a After receiving a grant chat free apps her graduate thesis, Elizabeth Benton Melanie Papalia logs onto a video-chat site known as the Den, on a mission to explore the habits of its users.

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The violence was gritty and in your face and the questions it raises are very valid especially sexy chat nashua a technology standpoint. I will say that for a short film it was Uber intense and very much kept you on the edge of your seat. Director: Zachary Donohue. In Theaters. Andy Webster Mar 13, Almost every image in this movie — from webcams, websites and laptop cameras — appears on a monitor.

Cleverly using bits of well-known jokes or internet sensation, it grabs attention very quickly.

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I will first say I'm a Horror movie buff and I have mobile adult chat more horror films then I can count and it is my favorite genre of films so with that said I will begin. The Den Mixed or average reviews based on 6 Critic Reviews. Play Sound. The horror aspect is handled very well as it's based on viral spooky stories or clips which already proven effective to attract attention.

I had first seen a trailer and heard about this movie free chat with girls few months prior to it's OMG those are my first words about this movie. I will say that I didn't know any of the actors nor was I worried bc that doesn't always make a great horror film as this shows. I highly recommend this. I love found footage movies. The premise holds a good advantage since viewers will be familiar with this set-up. The mainstay of found footage flaws reveal themselves later on as the salas de chat gratis en espanol gets muddled and slow, the vexing frame rate drop is real.

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Best of Amazon. Acting is pretty good for the lead, as Melanie Papalia plays the role of modern young woman who relies on this tech. It doesn't satisfyingly for how the characters are producing all the footage. Watch Now. Buy On. Critic Reviews. Read full review. While the police dismiss it as a viral prank, Elizabeth believes what she text based chat rooms is real and takes it upon herself live chat lounge find the truth.

Martin Tsai Mar 20, Like many found-footage films before it, The Den never entirely suspends disbelief. January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter.

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The material is spread too thinly and the last act falters, considering the film is fairly short it could've wrapped up nicer. GreenGoblin Aug 9, OMG those are my first words about this movie. Please birth date to watch this video:.

Michael Nordine Mar 11, The Den's commitment to its presentational conceit le to a of implausible scenarios, but what's more disheartening is the gore-fest it turns into once the curtain is thrown back we exchanged looks several times the mystery propelling both Elizabeth and the narrative.

See All Details and Credits. Frank Scheck Mar 17, This is the rare film that would actually black chat dating line even creepier watched from home on your computer, preferably alone to enhance its voyeuristic effect. It's similar to series of creepy pastas on internet, and even for those who are barely familiar with the technology, the film should be relatable.

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Elizabeth begins to see a lot of strange things, including potential snuff video. At least it's admirable that Donohue manages to do almost all his shooting with either web cams, phone cams or surveillance cameras. Her life quickly spirals out of control as she gets pulled deeper into the darkest recesses of the internet. Coming Soon. And eventually, Elizabeth finds chat rooms adult kelso trapped in a twisted game in which she and her loved ones are targeted for the same grisly fate as the first victim.

The actors did a terrific job especially the main girl Elizabeth. Generally favorable reviews based on 26 Ratings.

Write a Review. User Reviews. It escalates very closely into her real life.

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I had first seen a trailer and heard about this movie a few months prior to it's release and I couldn't wait to watch it just based on the premise. SalvadorBosque May 30, The Den was an amazing experience, it's a film full of intensity and effective jump scares, one of the best found-footage films of the extreme sex chat popsuri, one of the best films of the year, very, very underrated, i just love this film and all russian teen chat issues realted with the "Deep Web".

Plus, there are almost no real shocks or scares to rattle you out of the stupor that inevitably develops from observing someone else fiddle with their laptop for much of the running time.

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During one of her random video-chats, Elizabeth watches in horror as a teenage girl is gruesomely murdered in front of her webcam.

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By Jen Johans.


A young woman studying the habits of webcam chat users from the apparent safety of her apartment witnesses a brutal murder online and is quickly immersed in a nightmare in which she and her loved ones are targeted for the same grisly fate as the first victim.


Watch the video.